I answer to most things but people generally call me Jose. i'm seventeen. all i want is a place of my own and someone to listen to gorillaz with

emmanuelle pidoux

i know everyone is starting to feel like smoking is so pointless and maybe it is but i think the reason i’ll so gladly waste my money and fuck up my body is based on nostalgia and the fact that when i first started i was just getting to know some of the best people in my life, the kind of friends that are insightful and curious and fun and if it weren’t for cigarettes i wouldn’t have survived the months at private school. climbing over barbed wire and running through fields to avoid teachers made it bareable and sometimes having a cig is rough as fuck but sometimes it’s bliss and it isn’t a healthy manifestation but fuck it


I love early mornings when I wake up and I can’t see outside my living room windows because the fog is blocking the view, so beautiful.

Frank Scherschel
Apartment house at 860 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 1957

Bertil Nilsson